Day 5

Day 5. August 30,2014. Left Puente la Reina before dawn to get a jump on the day. Initially a couple of challenging climbs that worked up a sweat, but it was cloudy and cool. We passed through lovely old villages on hills separated by, first vineyards then harvested fields. We stopped on a rock bridge led to by the remains of an ancient Roman road. We passed the first villagers too early on a Saturday morning to encounter people, but could see evidence of a prior night’s fiesta, presumably for the feast of St. John the Baptist who seems to be celebrated throughout the region. The sun came out the last hour making the final leg a work of sheer determination. We ran in to a pilgrim we had spent some time with two days before, and attended the Saturday night Mass at San Miguel. He was able to tend to J’s foot blisters. Then to get provisions for the next day fearing nothing will be open, and searching for the last store still open in town. Then shared a pizza.
Something we find in almost every pilgrim is each is nursing some physical affliction. It spurts greater resolve.10645035_526850480779011_453367494043282859_n[1] 10644802_526850670778992_8106664174028987530_n[2] 10511098_526850590779000_8785438945028383870_n[2] 10580214_526850607445665_2856228125370533761_n[1] 10616481_526850567445669_5053674274788496742_n[2] 10653494_526850624112330_6328213027518009554_n[1]10632783_526850687445657_349612257868252700_n[2] 10641152_526850514112341_5152045178643289178_n[1] 10641229_526850540779005_3653478714184315357_n[1]

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